Galion LLC History

Each small industry across America has its own unique history and Galion is no different. The founder of Galion, Eugene Victor Smith, known to all as “Vic”, came from very humble beginnings in the small North Central Ohio town of Galion, OH. Vic enlisted in the Military after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and served his country honorably as a fighter pilot in the Battle of the Pacific during World War II.

Post war years were spent in several local businesses, including the Smith Brothers Paint Store and a commercial sign business named The lllumilight Company. In 1954, Vic acquired several automatic screw machines in a business opportunity and located them in the back room of Smith Brothers. Vic initially used these screw machines to produce parts for U.S. Military field radios.

As time passed more machinery was acquired, necessitating a move to larger quarters. In 1958 the first block was laid for a new 500 square foot building and later that year, Vic opened Galion (known at the time as Galion AMCO) as a full fledged company with five employees. Growth was steady as the company made component parts for the Automotive, Appliance, and Government Industries. Over the next quarter of a century the company would expand over a dozen times to keep up with increased demand.

Since its inception Galion has won many awards from it’s customers including the prized Department of Defense Contractor Assessment Program for Quality Excellence.

All employees past, present, and future are indeed indebted to the original driving force behind Galion, Vic Smith.