Quality: Primary Equipment List – Quality and Inspection Equipment

ASI Data Myte SPC Data Collector System utilizing Statistical Softwarequality-internal_eddy_curre
Unitron Z850 Microscope 10X – 150X Capability with Micro Photo Capability
Profilometer Surface Finish Capability
Instron Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester
New Vista Thread Check Equipment
Fischerscope Coating Thickness Measurement Gage
NDT capability of 100% Eddy Current Test
Chemical Test Laboratory to analyze internal Phosphating Processes
Salt Spray Chamber Test – (ASTM B117)
O.D. and I.D. Air Gages
Special Design Component Gages
Digital and Linear Optical Comparators (14)
Keyence Image Dimension Measurement System
Full complement of Precision Micrometers, Calipers, Surfaces Plates, Digital Height Indicators, Standard Plug Gages, Ring Gages, and Thread Gages