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Galion LLC’s engineering staff has more than 150 years experience in the precision machining field. Our engineers work from customer supplied drawings and SolidWorks to produce highly detailed process control documents. Galion LLC is heavily invested in process controls and utilizes machine-level work instructions for each of our customers’ product lines. Every operation is supported by process drawings, setup instructions and inspection instructions that specify key characteristics, SPC requirements, and methods and rates of inspection for each characteristic. These rigorous controls enable us to maintain exacting customer tolerances and ensure part uniformity.

Partnering with Key Industries

Since 1954, Galion LLC continues to be a leader in contract screw & precision machining


Galion LLC automotive machining experts have the experience to handle completely new projects and programs. We leverage our custom machining and CNC turning experience to transform leading-edge designs into precision metal components. At Galion LLC we can respond quickly to the continually evolving needs within the automotive market through our dynamic pricing and engineering expertise. We provide parts to support brackets/spacers, fuel line fittings and similar automotive products.


The Energy industry is highly specialized in nature and as such, it requires robust precision parts for its manufacturing processes. Galion LLC has extensive experience working in this field. We help our customers achieve success by providing custom tooling and top-of-the-line CNC precision machining and turning services.


Our precision CNC machining and turning processes allow us to produce high volumes of components quickly and economically. We can machine a wide variety of materials required by the defense industry, including most metals and plastics. Our expertise and our full range of manufacturing processes allow us to reliably deliver ultra-precise machined parts with guaranteed fast run times to ensure the efficient production of your products. We guarantee our components and parts will function precisely as designed. We understand precision and reliability go hand-in-hand when manufacturing military and defense components and parts. There is no room for error when protecting our armed forces.


Galion LLC plays an integral role in the production of firearms. Parts and components produced for use in firearms must be fabricated within very tight tolerances to ensure proper functionality. We work directly with consumer firearm OEMs and military contractors to create effective and dependable firearm components. Much of our experience lies in creating components that make up the firing systems. As an ITAR-Registered Manufacturer, Galion LLC is committed to the proper storage, handling, and transferring of firearms, firearm components and technical data. We work with a wide variety of metals including aluminum and stainless steel to machine OEM and custom firearm parts for manufacturers in the firearm industry.

Pump & Valve

Whether you build pumps, hydraulic systems or outdoor power equipment, Galion LLC has the expertise and equipment to manufacture your precision components at globally competitive prices.

Trusted AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer In Northwest Ohio

Galion LLC has secondary capabilities to tumble, wash, phosphate, and paint our customer’s parts. Galion LLC is fully staffed and equipped to perform destructive, non-destructive, and environmental testing. In addition, we maintain a dedicated metrology lab and our quality team consists of multiple ASQ quality professionals.

Galion LLC has a fully staffed and equipped tool room that contains CNC controlled EDM, cutter-grinder, and machining equipment. Galion LLC is your long-term partner of choice by offering superior quality and service at a competitive price for our customers in a variety of industries.


Quality is a way of life. Our goal is to exceed all internal and external customer expectations through continuous improvements in our processes, products and services.

Our Quality Management Program utilizes:

  • Engineers
  • A Gage Calibration and Management System
  • A Metrology Lab in Compliance with 17205, 10012, and NIST Traceability.
  • Internal Auditors
  • Final Inspectors
  • Over 4,000 Gages and Indicators with Internal and External Calibration Capabilities.
  • Oasis Dimensional Measurement with SPC and Live Updates
  • A Comprehensive Corrective Action & Material Deficiency Reporting System

Galion LLC is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality to our customers. Our never-ending commitment to quality separates us from our competitors by allowing us to be proactive in real-time

how we help


Our Engineering Department is equipped with:

  • AutoCAD, PartMaker CAD/CAM and SolidWorks
  • A fully equipped Tool Room capabilities include:
  • Wire EDM Machines

Galion LLC uses a Kanban System for tooling in order to keep key equipment components and specific tooling on the shelf to minimize downtime.


We machine parts from Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, and Steel alloys. Galion LLC has the ability to cold form metal parts up to 20mm in diameter and can also screw machine parts up to 1.625Ø x 6.5” while maintaining and repeatedly holding tolerances as tight as .0002”.

Our extensive range of equipment includes single and multi-spindle turning, centerless grinding, cold forming and CNC precision turning.

Machinery List

  • 5 Swiss CNC Lathes ( Up to 32mm, ID/OD, Threads, High-Speed Drilling, Slotting, Broaching )
  • 29 Multi-Spindle Chucker Machines ( 1” to 1-5/8” )
  • 16 Multi-Spindle Bar Fed Machines ( 1” to 1-5/8” )
  • 10 Presses ( Up to 75 Ton )
  • 8 Centerless Grinders ( End/Thru/Surface )
  • 7 Davenports
  • 6 Eddy Current Testers ( External/Internal )
  • 13 Washers
  • 2 Electrostatic Paint Lines with Apex & Portable Ink Markers
  • 2 Waterbury Cold Headers
  • Metal Parts Assembly
  • Sylvester Oven
  • Phosphate Line

Secondary Operations

Our Secondary Operations include:

  • Phosphate Line Equipped With Wire and Basket Capabilities
  • Washing and Grinding with Centerless, End, Surface, & Capabilities
  • Non-Destructive / Destructive and Environmental Testing (Manual and Automated)
  • Mechanical Assembly for Large and Small Assemblies
  • Paint Lines that are Electrostatic, Climate Controlled, with ID/OD and Stripping Which are also Equipped with Apex and Portable Markers.
  • Eddy Current Testing (Internal and External)

Galion LLC is vertically integrated in order to both minimize in-process logistic costs as well as maintain our world class quality system

In-House Machine Training Course

  • Blue Print Reading
  • Quality Training
  • Metrology Technology
  • ASM Basic Machine Operation
  • ASM Machine Maintenance
  • ASM Troubleshooting
  • ASM Tool Setting
  • ASM Set-Up
  • ASM Basic Repair
  • 20 Weeks
  • 100 Hours

Why Choose Galion?

Unparalleled Expertise

With over 65 years of precision machining experience, Galion LLC is a trusted leader for multiple industries that provides expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional products.

Superior Quality

Our commitment to AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that every product we manufacture meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

Extensive Capabilities

From single and multi-spindle turning to CNC machining and Swiss micromachining, our advanced capabilities enable us to handle a wide range of projects.

Secondary Operations

In addition to machining, we offer secondary capabilities such as tumbling, washing, phosphating and painting. This provides comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Rigorous Testing

Our fully equipped metrology lab allows for destructive, non-destructive and environmental testing which ensures the reliability and performance of our products.

Metrology Lab

With our state-of-the-art metrology lab and ASQ-certified quality professionals, we prioritize accuracy and precision in every aspect of our manufacturing process.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, providing exceptional value to our customers.

Long-Term Partnership

Galion LLC’s goal is to be your long-term partner through personalized service, open communication, and a commitment to meeting your specific needs and timelines.

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