Equal Opportunity Employer…

Galion LLC is an equal opportunity employer and takes great pride in its diverse staff and workforce. We welcome individuals with proven skills and experience in the machining industry. Most of our employees are long-term and have achieved excellence through commitment. Our workforce combines innovation with experience, talent, enthusiasm, and teamwork to provide customers with accurate, precise, and quality products.

statement of our in-house training program:

  • Galion LLC offers an in-house training and certification program for all areas of our operations and equipment in order to further the education and advancement of our valued employee base.
  • Galion LLC offers tuition reimbursement to qualified employees looking to advance their education and position within our company.
Galion LLC

Attn: Human Resources Department
515 North East Street,
Galion, OH 44833-2142

Phone: (419) 468-5214
Fax: (419) 468-1661

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