Galion LLC is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The Quality Team is made up of long-term, quality professionals that include:

  • Certified Lead Auditors/Internal Auditors
  • Engineers
  • In-Process Inspectors
  • Final Inspectors
  • A Metrology Technologist

Quality plays a key role in every part of our manufacturing process. From the time the raw material comes off of the truck to the time the finished goods are shipped to our customers, Galion LLC continuously monitors its manufacturing processes to ensure that we achieve zero defects. Our never-ending commitment to quality helps separate us from our competitors.


Galion LLC continuously strives for complete customer satisfaction by producing a top of the line quality product. Galion is ready to meet our customers’ needs with our fully equipped 750 sq. ft. Metrology Lab. Galion, has an on-site, full time, dedicated Metrology Lab Technician that is ready to design and build custom gaging to meet customer specifications.

Galion currently maintains over 4,000 gages that have been tailored to meet product needs to ensure customer satisfaction with the end product. All gages are placed in our gage calibration management software, GAGEpack. Not only is the software ISO/IATF compliant, it also provides tools needed for complete gage R and R statistical and graphical analysis.

All gages are put on a calibration cycle where they are calibrated on-site eliminating any need for downtime. Galion’s standards are certified and traceable to the NIST.

In addition to custom gaging, Galion utilizes various gaging methods that are both standard and state of the art. Galion uses SPC Prolink software QC-Calc to provide real time analysis of processes allowing for preventive measures to be taken before a process becomes out of control based on industry Sigma standards.

Process Methods – Quality and Inspection

Galion LLC’s Quality Management system includes a comprehensive Corrective Action and Material Deficiency Reporting system that provides real time automated information to management and operations as soon as a problem is documented by the Quality Team. This allows Galion to react immediately thus greatly minimizing the chance a defect continues to be created and shipped to a customer.

Galion utilizes a Tool Management System (Tool Buddy) to control over 120 pieces of specialized equipment that include:

  • First Article Inspection
  • Complete Layout per Specifications
  • Production Support
  • PPAP
  • FMEA
  • Readiness Review
  • Control Plans
  • FAI – First Article Inspection per AS9102 Incoming, In-Process, and Final Inspection

Primary Equipment List – Quality and Inspection Equipment

  • OASIS Dimensional Measurement Systems
  • ASI Data Myte SPC Data Collector System utilizing Statistical Software
  • Unitron Z850 Microscope 10X 150X Capability with Micro Photo Capability
  • Profilometer Surface Finish
  • Instron Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Vista Thread Check Equipment
  • Fischerscope Coating Thickness Measurement Gage
  • NDT Capability of 100% Eddy Current
  • Chemical Test Laboratory to Analyze Internal Phosphating Processes Salt Spray Chamber Test – (ASTM B117)
  • O.D. and I.D. Air Gages
  • Special Design Component Gages
  • Digital and Linear Optical Comparators
  • Keyence Image Dimension Measurement System
  • Full Complement of Precision Micrometers, Calipers, Surfaces Plates, Digital Height Indicators, Standard Plug Gages, Ring Gages, and Thread Gages
  • In-house Calibration Department that is Climate Controlled and Calibrations Traceable to NIST
  • Mahr Linear 100 ID/OD Comparator with Accuracy ± .000010”
  • Mahr 817 CLM Programable Height Gage with Accuracy ± .000050
  • Gage Blocks-Grade AS-1 & Grade 0,
  • Gage Pack-Gage Management System.


Oasis Vision Systems, Keyence Vision System, Optical Comparators 10-100X w/digital readouts, Jenoptik surface Finish Tester, Wilson hardness Tester, Salt Spray Corrosive Testing, Phosphate coating thickness measurement, Digital coating thickness (paint), Digital scales accuracy ± .1g, All standard MT&E, micrometers, calipers, etc., and Digital tolerancing indicators.

In house calibration department

Climate controlled, all calibrations traceable to NIST, Mahr Linear 100 ID/OD comparator, accuracy ± .000010”, Mahr 817 CLM programable height gage, accuracy ± .000050, Gage blocks grade AS-1 & grade 0, Mitutoyo trained personnel, andGage Pack gage management system.