Chain on edge painting

When you need high-volume painting with consistent quality and without the high finishing costs, Galion LLC’s Chain on Edge Painting System can meet the challenge.

What is a chain on edge painting system? It is a conveyor chain mounted on rails and sprockets that holds parts from the bottom. The parts are placed on fixtures or spindles that hold the parts above the conveyor at a elevation that present the parts to stationary spray guns, reciprocating spray guns, robotic spraying equipment. The fixtures can be used to mask the parts and the spindles can be used to rotate the part, both give a chain on edge a competitive and quality advantage to parts with certain configurations.

When is a chain on edge spray system the most competitive process with improved quality?

  • Cylindrical parts with tight paint tolerances
  • Housing that need the interior masked
  • Complex parts that can be mounted on fixture and painted manually or by a robot
  • Fasteners that need the threads masked and the tops paint
  • Deep finned parts that need gravity to help powder coating coverage between features
  • Components that can be masked by the holding fixture

Benefits of a chain on edge:

  • Spraying painting to tight tolerances by spinning a part in front of a spindle
  • Improved Coverage of powder coating on complex components
  • Part marking and striping of cylindrical parts at conveyor speeds
  • Lower costs related to facility overhead because of relatively small footprints

Examples of parts spray painted or powder coated on a chain on edge

  • Ordinance projectiles- tubular with tight tolerances
  • Die cast fin housings for telecommunication and electrical industry
  • Fasteners that need threads masked